Alchemy Rising Music & Arts Festival. May 12 - 24, 2017 in Medina, OH


Our team is crafting an amazing lineup of workshops including yoga, meditation, music lessons, flow arts, and more!

How To Quickly and Efficiently Improve Your Technique

Led by Marbin

Marbin will show and explain why most musicians hit a wall when they practice technique and how to pass it. If you want to take your playing to the next level that's the workshop for you.

Michael Miller
Ableton Improv

Led by Michael Miller of Vibe & Direct

From routing your analog gear, organizing your devices and effects, or just learning how to be creative on the fly, opening Ableton live for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. In this workshop i will show you that there is always more than one way to achieve the goals of your creative mind in a streamlined, organized and linear fashion. Along with giving an actual musical demonstration on how I create on the fly, I will also be touching upon organization, looping, and a very light intro into music theory. With these key pieces in mind you will be creating music in a real time environment before you know it!!

Niko Yup
Harnessing Your Inner Groove

Led by Niko Yup of Wanyama

In this workshop I ask you to bring a drum, a tambourine, your clapping hands, or anything that creates rhythm. In the first half of this workshop I will go over some beginner beats, and patterns for you to follow. Whether you are a master of the art of percussion or don't know how to hold a beat this workshop will be fun and easy for everyone.

In the second half we will take the beats and patterns that I've shown you and we will integrate them all together and create beautiful music, and connect through patterns and rhythms.

So, please come take a seat and watch the groove unfold, or pick something up and help me. Let's make this drum workshop something to remember as ALL of us become one together at Alchemy Rising 2017.

Lucas Cassi

Led by Lucas Cassi

We will enjoy some restorative poses, and tune into the body and breath. Pranayama, the practice of ancient yogic breathing techniques, consciously controls the flow of breath, and thus enhances the flow of energy in the body. A regular, balanced pranayama practice increases prana (life energy), thereby inviting greater mental clarity, and heightened healing potential and deeper self-understanding. Pranayama, like other yogic practices, is about being more fully alive and well.

Cassidy Padgett, and Erin Crowley
Oneness Awakening Partner Yoga

Led by Cassidy Padgett and Erin Crowley

Partner yoga deepens, poses, connections, communication, and balance. Joining energies and movements can be a very powerful way to deepen the human connection. By going through different poses, exercises, and meditation we will awaken the oneness within us all.

Regular vinyasa flow

Led by Cassidy Padgett and Erin Crowley

The word Vinyasa means a sequence in which the breath is synchronized with the movement of the body. We will be moving from one pose to another on an inhale or an exhale. Synchronizing each movement with each breath, connecting yourself to your mind, body, and spirit. Ultimately becoming more in tune with your higher self and experiencing a total mind body connection.

Tasha Walls
Intro To Hooping

Led by Tasha Walls

In this workshop we will discuss the fundamentals of off, and on body tricks like weaves, isolation, waist hooping, tosses and simple transitions from on body to off body tricks. We will also explore simple dance movements within the hoop.

Sarah Taylor
Wire Wrapping

Led by Sarah Taylor

Wire and stones will be provided! All who come will learn basic wire wrap techniques, and simple weaves, and wrap the stone of their choice to take home with them.

Kate Starks
Tasty Transitions With Twin Hoops

Led by Kate Starks

This workshop warmly encourages all skill levels to come play! We will be utilizing our planes as well as four basic timing, and directions to add creative play and illusions into our transitions with twin hoops. I will have plenty of hoops to provide!

Kassandra Morrison
How To Play With Your Body Rolls

Led by Kassandra Morrison

In this single hoop workshop we will discuss a variety of Body roll variations. Such as the chest roll bump, Tracing variations, continuous chest roll, and contact rolls.

How To Find Your Practice

Led by Kassandra Morrison

Discussion class on best tips when learning new tricks, how to explore their avenues to find your creative niche, and how to create a good routine.

Sam Stefano
Order Motion And Fractal Flowers With Poi

Led by Sam Stefano

In this workshop you will learn the theory and application of a group of flower patterns in the Order Motions framework that are made by putting mini-flowers on petals of full size flower patterns.

Juliette Antony
Intro to Tech Fans

Led by Juliette Antony

In this workshop we will discuss fan relations, timing and direction, isolation, and basic weaves.

Ryan Lubin
Navigating the Mind: Bridging the Gap Between Science and Spirituality!

Led by Ryan Lubin

A combination of meditations, discussions, and lectures that result in a series of practical applications for navigating life. We will discuss the mind and the ramifications of identity. We will explore elements of formal logic and of the scientific method to combine spiritual practice with scientific progress! Come prepared to connect and move!

Navigating the Mind: The Language of Emotion

Led by Ryan Lubin

In this workshop we will explore the nature and language of emotion. We will discuss the 4 inner Yogas and the structure of our identities. Have you ever been stuck in an emotion and wanted out? Have you ever wished for an emotional roadmap or mental handbook to be able to navigate this crazy thing called life? In this workshop you will be given real concrete approaches to interpreting and navigating the world of emotion and identity.

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